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Staff of Barrington Animal Hospital

Barrington Animal Hospital StaffDawn, Practice Manager

As our practice manager, Dawn's responsibilities include processing accounts receivable and accounts payable, assisting with account balance monitoring, developing marketing strategies, and making sure our days run smoothly. She has worked in the animal related field for four years and joined our staff in April 2013. Dawn's two favorite aspects of her role at Barrington Animal Hospital are "being around animals and being able to use [her] business skills."

At home, Dawn cares for her cat, Spirit, and her dog, Amber. In her spare time, Dawn enjoys boating, traveling and gardening.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffNicole, Veterinary Technician Manager

As our Veterinary Technician Manager, Nicole is responsible for animal nursing, administering anesthesia to our surgical patients, collecting patients' case histories and educating clients on overall pet care. She enjoys helping both our clients and their pets feel comfortable. Nicole has been working with animals for seven years and joined our staff in September 2009.

"I enjoy working at Barrington Animal Hospital because our clients are dedicated pet owners and every single member of our staff is passionately committed to their pets' well being," she says.

At home, Nicole enjoys the company of her two golden retrievers: Rocky and Jake. She fills her free time by pet sitting, walking her dogs and enjoying live music.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffAnnie, Veterinary Technician

As a veterinary technician, Annie's responsibilities include monitoring anesthesia, processing blood work, taking radiographs and assisting our doctors with patients. Of all her tasks, Annie most enjoys helping with veterinary dental cleanings. She has been working in the animal related field for six years and joined our staff in October 2007.

At home, Annie cares for three of her own pets: a Chihuahua named Anusia, a long-haired calico cat named Olive Oil and a domestic shorthair cat named Jolene. When not at work, Annie enjoys playing tennis, piano and painting.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffAlyssa, Veterinary Technician

As a certified licensed veterinary technician, Alyssa has been working with animals for seven years. She has many responsibilities at Barrington Animal Hospital including assisting the veterinarians, monitoring anesthesia, taking X-rays, gathering patients' medical histories and providing patient care.

Alyssa shares her affection for animals with her own pets: three dogs, a Quarter Horse named Izzy and her domestic shorthair cat named Fat Cat. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding, fishing, hunting and camping.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffBrooke, Veterinary Technician

Brooke has worked in animal-related capacities for over eight years, and she joined the team at Barrington Animal Hospital in February 2015. As a Veterinary Technician, her job responsibilities include monitoring anesthesia, processing blood work, taking x-rays, assisting the doctors with patients, gathering patients' medical history and providing patient care. She most enjoys performing patients' dental cleanings.

"Everybody has been so welcome and made me feel like part of the family here," Brooke says. "I love working here because we all work as a team and I have such love and passion for what we do."

At home she cares for two dogs: a Pitbull mix named Carmella and a Yellow Lab named Chloe. In her free time she enjoys golfing, going to the movies, shooting pool, or watching the Chicago Blackhawks play. She's a big fan of Chicago sports in general - particularly the Blackhawks, White Sox, Bulls and Bears.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffCaitlin, Veterinary Technician

Caitlin joined the veterinary technician team in September 2016. She holds an Associate degree in Applied Science from Joliet Junior College and is a graduate of their veterinary medical technology program. At Barrington Animal Hospital, Caitlin is responsible for assisting with anesthesia, taking X-rays and assisting the veterinarians in a variety of treatments. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with the pets and being able to provide them with a high level of veterinary care.

"I love the staff of Barrington Animal Hospital, the high-quality of medicine we provide and the ability to work with the client and their pets," Caitlin says.

At home, Caitlin has a 3-year-old domestic shorthair named Bee. She enjoys being outside in the warm weather, going for walks, bike riding and spending time with her cat.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffLizzie, Reception Manager

Receptionist Lizzie joined the team at Barrington Animal Hospital in October, 2014 and is responsible for greeting clients, checking in pets, answering the phone, and filing. Lizzie holds a Bachelor's in media arts and animation, and is Barrington Animal Hospital's resident artist. "I can draw caricatures of people and their pet," she says. "I also have mad dance skills. You never know when those might come in handy."

"I love working here because the people I work with treat everyone like family," she says. "Plus, work goes by really quickly and is always a lot of fun."

Lizzie spends her free time drawing, sculpting and "being very lazy" with the help of Netflix.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffPatti, Receptionist

Greeting clients and "loving the furry babies" is what Barrington Animal Hospital's receptionist Patti loves most about her job. Her job responsibilities include welcoming pet owners and their pets, checking patients into and out of the hospital, answering phones and filing patient charts. Patti joined our veterinary hospital in August 2005.

"Barrington Animal Hospital is a very caring hospital," Patti says. "The staff is intelligent with hearts of gold. We all love what we do and it shows."

Patti has two Pit Bull terriers, Wheezy and Capone and one cat, Trixie. In her free time, Patti enjoys her pets, going to the movies, baking, and spending time with her family and grandchildren.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffPatti Ann, Receptionist

As a receptionist at Barrington Animal Hospital, Patti Ann has many duties, including greeting clients and their pets, scheduling appointments, answering phones and ensuring that pet owners have a pleasant experience at our hospital. Patti Ann has a natural gift for making clients smile and we are grateful to have her as part of our team since May 2012.

For Patti Ann, it's the family atmosphere that she enjoys most about working at Barrington Animal Hospital. "Ours is not a corporate environment," she says. "Here, the clients are nice people and our hospital environment is very friendly."

Patti Ann likes to volunteer for "As Good As Gold: Golden Retriever Rescue" and also enjoys pet sitting and pet walking. She has three dogs of her own and one long haired cat. In her free time, Patti Ann likes baking, gardening, cooking, dining with friends, bowling, dancing, craft shows and movies.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffAmy, Receptionist

As one of our receptionists, Amy loves talking to clients and getting to know their pets. Her job includes answering phone calls and clients' questions, cleaning our kennel facility and caring for our boarded guests. She joined our Barrington Animal Hospital staff in April 2013.

"I love working here because every staff member cares deeply about every animal and client," Amy says. "Everyone is very friendly and helpful and we all feel like part of the Barrington Animal Hospital family."

Aside from caring for the pets at our hospital, Amy tends to her own pets: a dog, two cats, a guinea pig, a hamster and "a million" fish. When not at work, she enjoys playing basketball, soccer and volleyball and cooking.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffBarbara, Receptionist

"I love the animals!" exclaims Barbara when asked what she likes best about her job. As our receptionist, her responsibilities include greeting Barrington Animal Hospital clients, scheduling appointments, and answering phones. She has a deep compassion for people and their pets. Barbara joined our staff in January 2014.

"I simply love animals and I enjoy my job for many reasons, mainly because I work with the best people in the business," she says.

When not enjoying the company of Barrington Animal Hospital clients' pets, Barbara cares for her own: two dogs, a cat, two rabbits, four chickens and two birds. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, being outdoors and horseback riding.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffLadonna, Receptionist

Receptionist Ladonna joined the team at Barrington Animal Hospital in January of 2016. Her responsibilities include greeting clients and patients, answering phones and scheduling appointments. A life-long animal lover, Ladonna came to Barrington Animal Hospital with two years of experience in the animal care field.

At home, Ladonna has a chocolate Labrador mix named Sheba. She enjoys exercising, motocross, being outdoors, shopping, traveling, video games, concerts, and spending time with family and friends.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffMaureen, Receptionist

Maureen joined the staff at Barrington Animal Hospital in July 2016. As a receptionist, she is responsible for greeting clients and patients and checking them in, scheduling appointments, managing records, processing payments, testing results, and overseeing food and medication sales. Maureen's favorite part of the job is greeting the clients and their pets. She has always been an animal lover and considers every encounter a gift.

Prior to joining the hospital, Maureen earned a college degree from Mundelein College in Chicago. She's worked in customer service most of her life, and has a natural desire to help everyone. Combining her helpful nature and her love for animals makes Maureen a great addition to the hospital's staff.

"I love working at this veterinary hospital because of the people," Maureen says. "The doctors are top-notch, kind and compassionate; the technicians are patient, gentle and highly-skilled; and the receptionists and management are some of the best people I have ever known. I'm so lucky!"

At home, Maureen has a 2-year-old Boxer named Brandy. She enjoys walking, bonding and laughing at Brandy's clown-like behavior. Maureen also enjoys boating with friends, gardening, traveling and cooking. She has a part-time job as a teacher's assistant in a special needs preschool classroom.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffMelissa, Board Certified Canine Massage Therapist

Melissa is Barrington Animal Hospital's Board Certified Canine Massage Therapist. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and a Certification in Canine Massage from the Chicago School of Canine Massage. She is also one of only 14 people certified by the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage in the state of Illinois.

"Canine massage is good for dogs of all ages, breeds, and life stages," says Melissa. "I regularly treat geriatric dogs, puppies, arthritic dogs, anxious or nervous dogs and any dog recovering from surgery or an injury. I love seeing how massage helps all the dogs I work with have a better quality of life."

"I like working at Barrington Animal Hospital because the veterinarians and staff are knowledgeable and friendly," says Melissa. "Everyone here really cares about our client's loving pets. I am so lucky to be a part of such a great team!"

At home, Melissa has a Bernese Mountain Dog named Dyna (named for her Dynastar-brand skis). She enjoys running, traveling, and snowshoeing with her husband and Dyna.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffKayla, Kennel Manager and Receptionist

As one of our receptionists, Kayla most enjoys "swooning over all the cute cats and dogs that come in." With her positive attitude and friendly smile, she helps create a welcoming environment for all of our clients and patients. She also helps care for and clean up after any pets that are staying overnight at the hospital.

Kayla joined our Barrington Animal Hospital staff in January 2016. She earned her bachelor's degree in environmental studies, with a minor in photography, from DePaul University in Chicago. Her past animal-related experience includes volunteering at a shelter for rabbits and completing a six-month internship at PAWS Chicago.

"I have a bunny who I’m obsessed with," Kayla says of her grey Netherland dwarf-Polish mix named Luxe. She also has a Russian Blue cat named Lola. Her hobbies include learning about sustainability and nature, being outdoors, DIY crafts and taking photographs.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffCindy, Kennel Assistant

Kennel Assistant Cindy is a reliable and responsible staff member who possesses a genuine concern and interest in animals. Her job responsibilities include feeding, walking and bathing the animals, monitoring their health, eating habits and behavior while boarding, cleaning the kennel facility and performing occasional administrative tasks. Cindy joined our staff in May 2011.

"I love working at Barrington Animal Hospital because we are all a team with a common goal: to be a quality medical practice and protect the wellness of our clients' pets," Cindy says.

At home, Cindy cares for her golden retriever, Chloe, and her tabby cat, Emmett. In her spare time, she enjoys walking Chloe, exercising, fostering dogs, volunteering at a rescue shelter and spending time with her daughter and son.

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Barrington Animal Hospital StaffAndrew, Kennel Attendant

Since joining the team at Barrington Animal Hospital in March of 2015, Andrew has been charged with duties that include feeding the animals, cleaning cages, and cleaning offices and other areas of the animal hospital and kennel.

"Working at a practice like Barrington Animal Hospital is fantastic, because it gives me great opportunities for one-on-one interaction with dogs and cats, and their owners," Andrew says.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys going to the movies and hanging out with his friends. He's the pet parent to a variety of fish, a guinea pig named Calix, a dog named Panda, and two cats named Sasha and Callie.

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